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Crew, Equipment etc.

It is important have a professional crew. Nothing is worse than having to rely on people that are not on time, don't know what you are talking about or do not know the area you are filming in.

Whatever positions you may need filled - simply ask. We have a wide network of professional people to fill any position for your next project. Be it a production manager, camera operator, transportation captain, casting director, sound mixer or stunt team.

Stay on course with professional staff that speaks your language, will be on time and knows its way around town.

Should you not be able to find what you are looking for - then we just have not added it to this site yet.

Are you in need of equipment for your next project? We have got you covered there as well.
From cameras to OB-trucks to satellite
 uplinks and so much more...

Available Staff

Assistant Directors
Production Designers
Sound Designers
Camera Operators
Production Drivers
Sound Editors
Casting Directors
Key Makeup Artists
Production Managers
Sound Mixers
Line Producers
Property Masters
Stunt Coordinators
Location Managers
Re-Recording Mixers
Stunt Performers
Costume Designers
Location Scouts
Rotoscope Artists
Transportation Drivers
Craft Services
Matte Painters
Unit Managers
Dialogue Editors
Music Supervisors
Scenic Painters
VFX Directors
On-Set Security
Script Supervisors
VFX Editors
Directors of Photography
Set Decorators
VFX Producers
Production Assistants
Set Production Assistants
VFX Supervisors
Foley Artists
Production Coordinators

Available Equipment

Picture Yachts & Boats
Sound Recording Equipment
Camera Follow Vehicles
OB Trucks
Production Vehicles
Transportation Vehicles
Cameras Equipment
Office Machines
Satellite Uplinks
VR (Virtual Reality) Camera Rigs
Picture Cars

Services offered

Access to our Location Database
German -> English
Production insurance
Script Translations
Location Management
Script Breakdowns
Shoot Scheduling
English -> German
Location Scouting
Script Evaluations
Staff Housing
Office Space
Script Formatting
Film Permits
Photo Permits