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Our projects

"Start Up" is a reality competition series produced for Pro7Sat1

Is a German investigative reality series.

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works in English) is a Germany-based company which currently produces automobiles and motorcycles, and produced aircraft engines until 1945.

'Das Traumschiff' is the German version of the US television staple 'The Love Boat', an American television series set on a cruise ship which aired on the ABC Television Network from May 5, 1977, until May 24, 1986; three-hour specials aired in 1986–87 and 1990. It has been airing on German TV for more than 35 years and has millions of viewers.

Tamme Hanken was a German horse whisperer and animal chiropractor. He is known throughout Germany due to his appearance in two simultaneously airing reality tv series based on his life and work. 'Der XXL-Ostfriese' on the NDR and 'Knochenbrecher on Tour' on the Kabel Eins network, the latter having had up to two million viewers.